Q.   What configurations and sizes are available?

  • You will find a broad variety of styles and layouts shown across our homes collection.
  • Most of the homes are configured with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and include kitchen, lounge and dining areas in a variety of formats to suit different lifestyles.
  • Some of our larger homes include studies, utility rooms and entrance halls and can be customised to provide up to 4 bedrooms and different configurations.
  • Homes can be built up to 65ft long and up to 22ft wide to optimise the available plot size.

Q.   What is included in the price of a Prestige home?

Your new Prestige home is fully decorated and furnished from top to bottom; from carpets and curtains to sofas, beds and wardrobes, and a fully fitted kitchen is all included.

  • Although individual specifications will vary from home to home, we have earnt an enviable reputation for individual customisation. Some extra items come at additional cost, but our sales advisors will carefully guide you through your individual choices at our purpose-built design studio.

Q.   What are the typical rules surrounding residential park home living?

Many residential parks create fabulous communities of like-minded people, where there’s often a shared outlook and shared values. Here are some of the most common rules.

  • As most parks are designed to cater for semi-retired or retired people a minimum age tends to apply. This is usually for over 55s, although 45 plus is becoming more prevalent.
  • Many parks allow pets, but some don’t, so it’s always worth checking.
  • If this is going to be your permanent home the park will need to hold a residential licence.
  • You will own the freehold of the property and the plot is leased.
  • You will have security of tenure for life.

Q.   Do park homes stay as warm as a bricks and mortar house?

Park homes, as with bricks and mortar houses, are built to a certain level of regulation. The current British standard for park homes, BS3632, makes sure that residential park homes are very energy efficient ensuring that they have good insulation, window and door glazing achieving better U-values. These factors ensure less heat loss and homeowners benefit from savings on their energy bills. 

Q.   What's the process of buying a Prestige home?

  • We would always advise that you are best to find your preferred location first. This may be on your own private land, or most likely on one of the many holiday or residential parks located throughout the UK. We partner with a whole range of beautiful parks and can help you start your journey by finding the perfect spot for you. 
  • Next, the exciting part, choosing your dream park home or holiday lodge. We invite you to come to our showground in Rushden, Northamptonshire so you can take a walk around our extensive home collection and choose the style that best suits you and your individual taste.
  • Once you've chosen your preferred model, you can have fun making it yours by selecting all the finishing touches with the support of our friendly and knowledgeable team. Our Design Studio has a whole host of colours, styles and samples to choose from so you can make sure that all the detail is just right for you.
  • Once your home is ready and sited on your own land or park, we are committed to ensuring that we have met and exceeded your expectations in terms of finish and quality. All of our homes are protected by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty as standard, from the date of despatch. We also offer our customers a 10-year Platinum Seal, covering a wide range of faults relating to the structure of their property. 

Q.   Are Prestige homes wheelchair accessible?

All of our homes can be adapated to suit your needs. Please discuss your requirements with us so that we can ensure this is built into your final home specification.

Q.   Are park homes and holiday lodges secure?

All Prestige homes are fitted with the same door and window fixtures that you would expect to see on a traditional bricks and mortar home, meaning they are just as secure. A lot of residential and holiday parks are often securely gated too which gives you an extra layer of security providing you with peace of mind. 

Q.   What makes park home and lodge prices vary across different sites?

As a traditional bricks and mortar property would vary hugely in price, so do park homes and holiday lodges. Some areas are much more sought after and therefore the cost of the land is higher and this will be reflected in the final price you pay.

Q.   What’s the difference between Park homes and conventional homes?

  • All Prestige homes are constructed in carefully controlled workshop conditions to British Standard 3632 before being transported to the park, where they are sited, finished and connected to the mains services.
  • Prestige homes are built as a permanent residence or holiday lodge, and often look like traditionally built bungalows, albeit with the latest features and interiors for low maintenance and convenience. 
  • Our homes are expected to last for at least 50 years with care and maintenance much like conventional homes. They come with a 10-year, insurance backed platinum seal structural warranty.

Q.   How much does a Prestige home cost?

  • Prices will vary according to location in the same way as conventional housing costs more for the most desirable locations. The facilities and services of the park will also add to the final sited cost of your home. Your chosen park will be able to provide accurate sited prices for your chosen plot and location.
  • You can use our Free Estate agency service to help you find the right location or contact us, we’d be delighted to help.
  • Home costs are usually favourable compared to the equivalent ‘bricks and mortar home’. Consequently, many buyers use the sale of their home to release equity as part of their park home purchase.
  • Whilst you purchase the home the pitch or plot is leased and will attract a monthly fee. Again, this varies according to location and the services provided.
  • As a permanent residence you will pay council tax, typically rated as band ‘A’, and for utilities.

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